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Summer Internship Program

Our internship program is designed to be meaningful and impactful. By providing truly hands-on experiences across a wide range of professional areas, we give our interns exceptional responsibility, along with the training needed to be successful. And by investing in the potential of our interns, we create a pipeline of talent for full-time roles within The Johnson Group’s family of companies.


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Important Dates

  1. Application Due Date

    October 4, 2024
  2. First Round Interviews

    Phone interviews to be scheduled throughout the month of October.

    Throughout the month of October 2024
  3. Second Round Interviews

    Finalists will be invited to our Spartanburg headquarters for on-site interviews.

    November 7-8, 2024
  4. Internship

    June 2 - August 15, 2025
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Real Work

As an intern you will get immediate responsibility and begin adding real value to the business from day one. Fulfillment is one of our Guiding Principles and is a goal for all team members – including our interns.

Exposure to Leadership

There are no silos here. As an intern you are welcomed into a collaborative, supportive environment full of people willing to help – including our executive leaders. The exposure you gain crosses departments, companies, and job titles.

Long-Term Opportunity

To recognize a good investment opportunity is to recognize potential, and through our internship program we do just that. The time we invest training and working with you is an investment in our future and yours. More than half our interns have been offered full-time positions.

Intern Contributions

Katie Kulas, OTO, 2023 Human Resources Intern
“I have learned new skills, worked with strong leaders, had volunteer opportunities, attended informative lunch and learns, all while experiencing warm and welcoming hospitality throughout The Johnson Group. I am very thankful to intern at a company that is dedicated to providing an enriching program for its interns.”
Katie Kulas
OTO, 2023 Human Resources Intern
Lainey Galicia , OTO, 2023 Accounting Intern
“OTO gave me a chance to work with insightful individuals who have broaden my knowledge and understanding of accounting and hospitality. Interning here has given me the ability to build a confident foundation that I will be able to build upon throughout my professional career.”
Lainey Galicia
OTO, 2023 Accounting Intern
Andre Goldsmith, JDA, 2023 Self-Storage Development Intern
“The Johnson Group is filled with many intelligent and hard-working individuals that carry themselves with such professionalism and humility. I am very grateful for this opportunity and all the wonderful individuals that created such a welcoming environment where I have grown both as a professional and as a person.”
Andre Goldsmith
JDA, 2023 Self-Storage Development Intern
John Rice , JDA, 2023 Industrial Division Intern
“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the industrial division this summer. With outstanding leadership and an efficient operational tempo, it was an extremely engaging and enriching experience.”
John Rice
JDA, 2023 Industrial Division Intern
Marcy Hatcher , ACA, 2023 Accounting Intern
“This summer I really was able to get hands-on experience in the accounting field which boosted my knowledge about the business. I also was able to network within my department and cross train with other departments as well. Everyone here has welcomed me with open arms and was eager to teach me new things!”
Marcy Hatcher
ACA, 2023 Accounting Intern
Jackson Edwards , ACA, 2023 Data & Analytics Intern
“Throughout this summer, I grew not only professionally but personally as well. This internship allowed me to gain vital skills I’ll need in my future professional field, while also providing me a welcoming environment to become integrated into a corporate setting. ”
Jackson Edwards
ACA, 2023 Data & Analytics Intern
Gavin Puckett, ACA, 2023 Information Technology Intern
“Looking back at the internship, one of the most important things I gained was confidence in my abilities. Through the partnerships I built here, I became a much better programmer. To me that’s what made this such a great experience - everyone wants to see you succeed and thrive in this environment.”
Gavin Puckett
ACA, 2023 Information Technology Intern
Cole Sanford, JDA, 2020 Self-Storage Development Intern
“I was able to go out and visit sites that were in vastly different stages of construction, which gave me a more holistic understanding of what all goes into a development project.”
Cole Sanford
JDA, 2020 Self-Storage Development Intern
Matt Lewandowski, ACA, 2020 Finance Intern
“I looked forward to coming into work every day, in large part because of the relationships I formed with my mentors, leaders, and fellow interns. Coming from out of state, I quickly felt welcome at ACA.”
Matt Lewandowski
ACA, 2020 Finance Intern
Sarah Keim, OTO, 2020 Hotel Operations Intern
“I enjoyed the strong sense of community in our team at the AC Hotel. They welcomed me immediately and helped me learn about and contribute to the hospitality industry and our hotel for the duration of my internship.”
Sarah Keim
OTO, 2020 Hotel Operations Intern

Access and Experience

The Johnson Group’s companies are united in shared values and a commitment to our team members, our community, and our success. While each company offers its own internships, in joining us you gain access and experience both within and among companies.

Johnson Development Associates, Inc.
Internship opportunities in real estate, development/construction management, accounting, finance, and asset management.
OTO Development
Internship opportunities in real estate, development/construction management, accounting, finance, food and beverage, marketing, operations, interior design/procurement, payroll, and human resources.
American Credit Acceptance
Internship opportunities in IT, human resources, accounting, and finance.

City fun with a family feel

There’s a reason more than 1,000 of our team members choose to live in Spartanburg: The city offers great food, culture, and entertainment options in a vibrant downtown for young professionals, while boasting charming neighborhoods with a small-town feel for families.

Most internship positions will be in our Spartanburg, SC headquarters. We also have regional offices in Arlington, VA, Summit, NJ, El Segundo, CA, Boise, ID, Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA, and Tampa, FL.