The foundation of The Johnson Group is our shared Guiding Principles. These principles are not independent of our business; they are the core of the business. Our Guiding Principles provide the framework for how we make decisions and execute strategies, and we cannot succeed in our business endeavors absent of these principles.

We create value for our team members, partners, customers, and communities by acting in accordance with our Guiding Principles, which ultimately leads to a stronger company culture and better business performance.

The Johnson Group Guiding Principles


Conduct all business in an honest, forthright, and ethical manner.


Honor commitments and develop enduring relationships grounded in mutual trust, respect, service, and reliability. This applies to customers, teammates, investors, financial partners, vendors, and our communities.


Recognize what we do not know, actively seek knowledge and guidance in our decision making, and acknowledge, learn, and grow from our mistakes.

Principled Entrepreneurship

Create long-term value by anticipating opportunities for profitable growth, satisfying the evolving needs of the customer, and embracing change while striving for continuous improvement. Exercise sound judgment and take calculated risks to deliver superior results.


Be decisive and passionately pursue opportunities with a sense of urgency while continuously adapting and refining strategies.


Reach our full potential by developing our talents, earning meaningful responsibility, and overcoming challenges as a team and find purpose in the positive impact we have on our business, family, and community.

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